Lutron remote bulbs turning on in low power state

Hey everyone. I have 3 hue bulbs in a ceiling fan that are also connected to a Lutron remote that I picked up this weekend. For the most part it is working as expected. The lights can be controlled from the phone as well as the Lutron remote. The issue occurs when they auto turn on in the morning. When they power on they do so in a low power state, so my wife has to press the button to bring them to full brightness. I am sure those others with a significant other can appreciate why this is an issue. Has anyone else run into this problem? These are the only bulbs that do not power on at full brightness. All the other lights come to full brightness and these three bulbs did so before the Lutron remote was added. I could really use some help in figuring out how to get them to power on at full brightness.

Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone help me figure out how to fix it?

So the bulbs turn on to their last level when you send an on() command to them like pressing the switch in the mobile app. If the bulb was last at full brightness when turned off, it will return to full brightness when turned on.

The Lutron remote doesn’t seem to send on or off commands. It sends a setLevel(0) instead of off and a setLevel(100) instead of on. So if you turn off the light using the Lutron it’s actually dimmed to 0. In the morning if it gets an on() command, the light turns “on”, but it’s still dimmed way down. Most bulbs won’t even produce light that low.

There’s no way to change the Lutron remote behavior, so your best bet is to change your auto on in the morning to set the level to full brightness, not just turn on.

I had suspected that was the case and set them to full bright and turned off with my phone last night. The wife made no complaints this morning about them not being bright so I am assuming they came on like she wanted them.