Hue bridge update issues

Remote in to hub tonight, Update hub, started getting simple device viewer notifications that devices were offline for my 10 hour preset, all hue devices surprise surprise, I also can’t remote back in to the hue hub but that’s not directly an st issue, just curious if anyone else having problems? I can turn the lights on and off from st fine.

Do you have “out of home control” enabled in the hue app in settings?

As for the off-line status, you can try rebooting the ST hub through IDE. Probably a low chance it will resolve the off-line status without additionally restarting your router but give it a shot.

Hue did send an update for the hue bridges yesterday so not sure how quickly it gets applied to the bridges. Just throwing that out there, it should not have had an impact on the status of the hue lights on ST. :slight_smile:

Ya I remoted in and updated the bridge, that’s when this started happening. Remote is disabled now and no luck getting it back yet, toggling the bad devices immediately triggers it active in SDV, we will see if it doesn’t report it bad again later today.

@krlaframboise a lot of hue lights since they update the bridge seem to keep coming up as last event 10 hours for my setting. Pretty positive it was the hue bridge update because I got one within minutes for a light that works fine. Not a huge deal, I can turn off last event for the offending lights, but just a heads up maybe, might be more cases incoming. Haven’t had an issue in years with this app so it’s strange.

So if I use the hue bulb all is well, but what’s changed is, if I don’t use it, it becomes not active to simple device viewer, before it didn’t matter, it’d poll it and it would be fine