New update problems (August 15, 2016)

Not sure we’re to put this. Just got three hub offline push notifications but it still shows online in app. And while writing this got another.

Update: maybe it is offline and the app is wrong as I can’t update anything. But I keep getting notifications it’s offline. I know I have internet as I can see my cams. But I have gotten 8 notifications in 15 min all saying hub has disconnect and make that nine.

Having the same issue.

App shows Hub online and working but the Hub shoes solid blue LED and I can’t control anything right now.

Started around 2:20PM PDT for me.

Looks like ST is DOWN AGAIN!

I’m not home so couldn’t check the light. But I’m up to 15 texts saying well 16 it’s been disconnected.

It says operational and everything it says you may be experiencing is close to what I am lol

My Hub just came back online with green LED.

ST support said that my issue may be Hue Bridge related but no idea how a Hue Bridge can take the ST Hub offline.

They suggested to reboot the Hue Bridge next time this happens.

I think mine came back buy I don’t have a hue bridge.

Check status page. There is some connectivity issue with ST.

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Hub going offline is not related to the current ST issue on the status page according to support staff I chatted with.

I have the same issue. Looks like update took my hub offline at 1pm EST. When I got home, it was still offline, I rebooted it and it came online. After a few minutes, it was offline again. Just rebooted it now for the second time and it is back online. Let’s see if it stays online.

Back to being offline with the blue status light.

Mine been stable for a few hours now. But weird things happening as people reporting different things.

I talked to support. Looks like there is an issue when you have a hue bridge on the same network which I do. In order to keep ST online, I have had to keep my hue bridge of the network. Not very happy at the moment as I have lights setup to turn on with motion. Took a while to train the family but now we have to go back to using switches.

Which model do you have of the Hue Bridge ((1 or 2) and the ST hub (1 or 2)?

V2 for both

OK. Part of the update was to change the way that the Hue bridge is polled, so that the status could be updated about every five seconds instead of every five minutes. I know several people have posted that it is working for them, but obviously it’s an area where maybe something could break as well.

Thanks for the details. I guess that’s what’s affecting me

Let us know what happens. I forgot to ask, what type of bulbs are you using with the bridge?

I’m just trying to figure out if there’s a particular configuration where the new polling that they’re doing is being interpreted as an on command.

I have 2nd Gen hue color, white, and light strips. And one bloom

@SBDOBRESCU what devices do you have on your Hue bridge? ( yours is working fine after the have update, right?)

I’m just wondering if the bloom has a different heartbeat and that’s causing a problem after the new polling protocol. But I don’t have any hard data on that, it’s just a thought.