Hue Bridge + SmartThings Hub + Google Home = Lights Not Working

Pretty much as the title suggests. I have my Hue Bridge setup with a light called “Desk Light”, I have Smartthings connected to the hub and added the light to smartthings. I have Google Home connected to both services.

Well, after adding Smartthings, Google Home will no longer turn off/on my light. It says, “Sorry, I don’t know which Desk Light to turn off.”

Okay, so I renamed the light in Smartthings to “Ignore Light”, then resynced Google Home. It still doesn’t know which one to turn off. There is only one device called Desk Light.

Basically, the addition of Smartthings is killing communication with Google Home and Hue.

Google Assistant can talk to both, so it looks like it must be confused. If you don’t want specific devices accessible, you can go into the Google Assistant “smartapp” in the ST app (Classic…not sure about the new one) and turn off “use all devices and routines” (or something like that)…then choose the ones you want. Not sure if this is your problem or not.

how to i install the google assistance smart app into smartthings ? thanks in advance ??

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