Devices in Smartthings but no longer work with Google Home


I have many things that work just fine with Smartthings but no longer work with my Google Home. If i go inside my Google app, i can use the Google assistant to turn on a switch, but not with my GH. It says something’s wrong with light switch or can’t find it.

I try rebooting it, remove the Google smartapp from ST, unlinking my ST account from Google app, still no luck.

I’m getting a bit desperate here.

Thank you

I did a full reset of my google home and everything is back to normal!

Please update if you have this problem again. I’ve got multiple lights on SmartThings that randomly stop playing nice with my Google home. Problem only started recently. Voice control seems to always work, but through the Google Home app and my new Google Home Hub, random devices will say they can’t be reached. Again, they always work with voice… Just not on screen.