Google Home thinks my Hue bulbs are switches and doesn't turn them off

I have connected Google Home to my SmartThings to control all my lights what are a mixture of Hue and non-hue bulbs. Unfortunately some of the Hue bulbs appear as switches in GH and when I use the “Turn off lights in room” only some lights are turned off. I have two rooms with more than one bulbs where one of the bulbs is turned off and the other isn’t. Amazon Echo can turn them all off, and of course SmartThings too.

Naming is everything with Google Home. Is the word light included in the name of these malfunctioning devices? For example a device named “table” won’t be seen by Google Home as a light. So even if it’s grouped in a room with other devices, when you ask Google Home to turn off the lights in that room the “table” would not be addressed because it’s a table and not a light.

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It’s definitely not the name because none of my lights have the word “light” in name.
I added light to name anyway but made no difference, those lights still have a switch icon in Home Control devices list, not a light bulb like the ones what are controlled by GH.
My problem is not the same like this:

The pattern is that white bulbs are treated as switches, and colour bulbs (both E27 and GU10) are treated as light bulbs regardless of name.

Re-linking ST account didn’t help.

The reason I think this is a bug in SmartThings is that when I create a Smart Lighting automation swtiches are displayed in lights list and lights are displayed in switch trigger list. The first makes sense to some extent because switches can control lights (probably the wording should be changed though), but I don’t understand why lights are displayed when I select a switch trigger.

Well, sorry, I really thought that would solve your problem. I don’t have any Hue devices so perhaps there is an issue related to that specifically that I’m not aware of.

I have a mixture of pocket sockets, Cree bulbs, and GE on/off switches. My experience with these devices and Google Home so far indicates to me that Google Home doesn’t really care if the device is a in wall switch, pocket socket, or smart bulb. When I ask for all the lights to be turned on, they are, even though some are connected to pocket sockets and some are smart bulbs, and not all of my devices have bulb icons next to them either. When I ask for all the fans to be turned on they are although they are all connected to GE on/off switches. Google Home as far as I can tell isn’t really aware of the nature of the device so even though I have lights on pocket sockets they are treated as lights by Google Home.

Perhaps someone with more experience related to Hue may be able to add to this thread and help you out more. You may be right, this may be a SmartThings issue but again, I don’t think Google Home cares if it’s a switch or a bulb.