Problems with hue and smartthings

Got a hue kit the other day and set it up. It worked with my google home pretty good. Just for the heck of it I decided to add it to smartthings. Now, when I tell Google home to turn the lights on/off it does it but says it will turn 6 lights on/off. But there are only 3 light bulbs. What happened?

Google sees you have 3 lights from Phillips previously added and 3 from smartthings you just added. You could go into the Google home app and delete the 3 from Phillips or Smartthings or put 3 in a room and call it with a different name. I would delete the Smartthings hue bulbs in Google. I find it’s more reliable since it’s a direct integration.

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Ok, is that where I go in to Managa account and snooze Home and then uncheck the three bulbs?
Will I lose capability of something?

Manage account and check for new devices in smartthings. Then uncheck the 3 bulbs in smartthings.

You won’t lose anything since you will still have those bulbs with Phillips hue in Google home.

thanks. But will that mean I wouldn’t be able to, for example, have the lights turn on when a smartthings motion sensor triggers?

This whole “smart” thing is not as easy to set up as I originally thought.

This will just remove the bulbs from Google Home. It has nothing to do with Smartthings. You wil still have them in Smartthings and be able to do all the automation.
I know what you mean about “smart” thing. It’s very time consuming for sure.

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Thanks. I appreciate your help.