Hue Bloom $50 on Amazon

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #1

Lowest price I’ve seen it for.

(Alex King) #2

Will this work without a hue hub (i.e. only ST hub)? I did a cursory search and could not find anything in the forum. If anyone has a good link to a good thread or a quick answer, I would be much obliged.

(charles hartwig) #3

Smarthings recommends The Hue hub also Amazon now has

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #4

It will, but I think you lack some color control. Haven’t tried it.

(Brian Diehl) #5

I like my Blooms.
I have 2 of them that I use for notifications via IFTTT (new text when at home, turns them green; missed call turns them blue).
It’s great for when I’m playing a videogame with the headset on or watching a movie with the volume up. I have 2 blooms and 1 lightstrip, the lightstrip and one bloom will not be active if I have the Television on via Harmony (using Rule Machine) to reduce reflection.

Definitely worth getting as an add-on for some cool fun.


BuyDig on eBay $45, FS, no tax for most?

(Mark Whipp) #7

Amazon Philips Blooms from $42.99 (refurb & more), no tax, free shipping: