Heads up, Hue bulbs reduced for Amazon Prime Day

(Greg) #1

Just picked up an LED strip for £42 rather than £70. They’ve got bulbs etc there too



I had talked myself out of the LED strip but at this price I just could not resist. :smiley:

Have a 2 - 4 week wait for delivery but I can live with that, plenty of time to work out what I am going to do with it.

Cheers :wine_glass:

(Greg) #3

Mine turned up today

(Bob) #4

I just got a hue bulb. I do not have a phillips hub as these can connect directly to the ST hub.
Problem is I can’t discover it.
Any ideas peeps.

(Greg) #5

It should work.

Just a heads up though, if you add it to SmartThings without the Hub, you can’t ever remove it or reset it

(Bob) #6

Appreciate that once connected to ST that it will remain so unless I get a hub or some other device to remove it.

My hub just does not discover the bulb.
Any ideas as to why or what I can do to try and get it to pair up?