Heads up, Hue bulbs reduced for Amazon Prime Day

Just picked up an LED strip for £42 rather than £70. They’ve got bulbs etc there too



I had talked myself out of the LED strip but at this price I just could not resist. :smiley:

Have a 2 - 4 week wait for delivery but I can live with that, plenty of time to work out what I am going to do with it.

Cheers :wine_glass:

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Mine turned up today

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I just got a hue bulb. I do not have a phillips hub as these can connect directly to the ST hub.
Problem is I can’t discover it.
Any ideas peeps.

It should work.

Just a heads up though, if you add it to SmartThings without the Hub, you can’t ever remove it or reset it

Appreciate that once connected to ST that it will remain so unless I get a hub or some other device to remove it.

My hub just does not discover the bulb.
Any ideas as to why or what I can do to try and get it to pair up?