Philips Friends of Hue Bloom: $47 (YMMV)

This is the lowest price I’ve seen them. They are “In stock on July 30, 2016”.

aaaand, it’s gone. YMMV - it’s been an up and down thing all morning. I was able to grab one (in stock) after it disappeared for a while, so maybe it will come back up. Good luck!

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It can still be ordered for me. Back in stock July 29th.

Does anyone have one of these on the floor and have any good ideas for keeping a roomba off of the cords?

Place it in a corner, elevate it or used a cable raceway perhaps?

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I want one, but can’t think of a good reason to get one.

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Use as visual alerts for different things . Cellar door open,yellow, leak detector blue, freezer open red, etc …


Thought about building my own alert light using a RGBW bulb inside of a 4 or 6 inch PVC pipe cut on a bias. Piece of sanded plexi covering the angled end. Paint and buff it it. Should look good if I can get around to it,

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So what is the official / unofficial way to get these to work with ST without a Hue Hub?

This is what I used:

So far I have some flakiness. It occasionally says it’s off when it’s on, and it’s on when it’s off. But it does work. Before going this route you should read up on why the recommended way to do this is to use a Hue Hub - it boils down to not being able to reset the Hue bulbs to join a new zigbee network. However, there is a $30 tool that apparently can do the trick.