My Setup needs light bulbs

(Ray Card) #1

Ok everyone, I got the Starter Kit. Added on a Dropcam Pro, Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune, Utilitech 85-Decibels Indoor Siren. Everything is working perfectly, great start! Very user friendly, easy to setup. Now I’m looking for light bulbs… that are not $99 !!! I’m also looking to pick them up somewhere, not order online… Can anyone help me out?


GE Link LED at Home Depot $15.

(Ron S) #3

Philips Hue Starter Kit: Hub + 3 bulbs. - 199.99 (I think 182.00 at Amazon, can be picked up at Home Depot, Best Buy…)

Worth it! They are not 99 but 199. :wink:

(Andy) #4

I’ll second @Dave’s recommendation of the GE Link bulbs from Home Depot, at $15 they are the best option by far, connect directly to the SmartThings hub (unlike the TCP bulb) and are faster/more reliable then any others I have tried. I toss a few in the cart every time I’m in Home Depot.

(Mark S Groves-Zen Studios) #5

I also recommend the GE Link bulbs, They do not require another hub, plus they are less expensive. SmartThings should add then to the Supported Devices list. HINT HINT

(Ray Card) #6

Ok great ! I got the GE bulbs from Home Depot! How do I link them up to ST?

(Matt) #7

You turn them on and then search for new device in your App. You need to email and request they push the newer zigbee firmware to your device so you can use them to their fullest. Also if you want color changing LED you can pick up single Hue bulbs for about $60-$70 and connect them directly to ST w/out the need for the Hue Hub.

(Ray Card) #8

Done Thanks Matt Frank :slight_smile: Sent them an email too.


Hue bulbs can connect directly to ST now? I thought they required their own hub.

(Edward Pope) #10

So did I, this will help with an older section of the house.

(Ben Edwards) #11

We are not talking about hue bulbs here. These are the GE Link LED bulbs from Home Depot.

(Edward Pope) #12

So straight from SmartThings the hue bulbs can only be used with the hue hub?

(Ben Edwards) #13

The only officially supported option is to use the hue hub, yes. That said, I have 10 bulbs from hue connected directly to my hub. This is NOT recommended as there is currently no way to unpair those bulbs with that specific hub if I were to replace it.

(Edward Pope) #14

@Ben that is both neat, and scary for those who have paired them without the hub. Are you guys looking into how to resolve this in the future? Maybe even in the next hub? Or are we looking at something that is never likely to be supported outside of the standard Hue Hub method?

(Andrew Urman) #15

we’re looking at it, there are some ZigBee particulars here but I do think it is possible.

(Edward Pope) #16

Ok, well that is good news. I would be more interested in Philips bulbs if they did not require an additional hub. I am getting Hubitist. (SMILE)

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #17

Hmmm. You realize the Philips hub gives you local control (no internet required), and supports some very cool things like transition times up to 30 minutes, as well as some neat third party apps (Hue Disco, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), all while maintaining all of what SmartThings can do with a Hue bulb (which IMHO, is just the bare bones).

The Hue hub also has a very cool local RESTful API.

(Edward Pope) #18

@scottinpollock I did not realize that, but it is my hope that I will not have 4 hubs connected to my Router and Firewall linux box. After some time, it gets a bit hard to keep them seperate, and you know what happens when they get together. Little hubbies all around… (SMILE)


Yeah, I got that. I was replying to Matt Frank who said that that single Hue bulbs would connect directly to ST. I have 2 of the GE bulbs so far and I like them.

(Beckwith) #21

Agreed. I already have other sources of radio signals outside of home automation that adding an additional one and potential interference is just not worth it.