HubID visibile in edge driver?

Is there a way for an edge driver or device to ‘know’ the id of the hub it is installed on?

Do you mean the ID to send Zigbee or Z-Wave messages?
This is used in Zigbee messages:


Mmmh no I was hoping for the deviceID of the hub…

"deviceId": "b2115b06-09f3-40f9-83ea-2395180cfba1",
		"name": "SmartThings v2 Hub",
		"label": "Home Hub",
		"manufacturerName": "SmartThings",
		"presentationId": "SmartThings-smartthings-hub",
		"locationId": "fd64e95a-22a4-4b70-83b2-2c8a9561278c",
		"roomId": "89dd68f7-7e7d-4179-9a7c-b96056155c64",

Hi, @davec. Sorry for the delay in the response.
The team mentioned the Hub’s deviceID is not exposed to the driver.

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Ok Thanks for the response.

Just to flag that this, IMHO, leads to a little annoying complexity when dealing with multiple hubs and ‘config’ devices…ie the generation and maintenance of a unique ID. (Not looking for any response just noting)