Api.smartthings.com - got rare device information with new edge driver


after nearly finishing my edge driver the device overview under api.smartthings.com looks like this:

I’m pretty sure that the default thermostat Zigbee driver from Smartthings Hub retrieves much more data.
Interestingly, the events are listed. Is there an option or capability that needs to be set to get all the missing information? I noticed that there is also a metadata key in the profiles, but other than vid and mnmn for the presentation, I have nothing else entered there. The documentation is not really helpful at this point either.

  mnmn: SmartThingsCommunity
  vid: 98eac77c-c935-3f84-8b93-b2db44fff9d1


Drivers are not fully recognized by the IDE because is Groovy-based and part of the legacy platform
To get more info about the device, you need to make requests to the Device endpoint of the SmartThings API or use the proper CLI command (here’s the list of possible commands):


--get info of a device
smartthings devices deviceID [-j or -y]

--get current status 
smartthings devices:status deviceID

@nayelyz ok, so it is not necessary any more to provide all this device data?

Are you referring to the IDE? No, the only integration type supported there is DTH and other Groovy-based things.
In the case of Edge, ST Schema, Direct-Connected, etc., the IDE doesn’t show much information about them.
Remember the IDE is part of the Legacy platform, so, it will become unavailable at some point, please take a look at this announcement

ok, I didn’t want to start with the “old stuff” anyway :sweat_smile: