[ST Edge] DeviceId and Zigbee profileId in Edge driver's fingerprint

In groovy we could specify both “profileId” and “deviceId” in fingerprints.
Is there equivalent for groovy’s “profileId”/“deviceId” attributes in edge driver?

allows specifying manufacturer and model, but not profile id or device id.

I think some examples make use of deviceIdentifiers field,that I suppose corresponds to Groovy’s deviceId. Is it actually has any effect or this field is silently ignored?
How “profile id” could be specified in Edge driver?

Since Edge driver would have higher priority during fingerprint matching, it probably would be a good idea to limit the lookup by both fields.
The use case is for generic switch:

  • it seems not sufficient to relay only on OnOff cluster support to match the device
  • some switches have profileId/deviceId 0x0104/0x0103, some light switches 0xC05E/0x0000, some outlets 0x0104/0x010A and there are devices that report devicedId 0x0000 under different profile.

Thank you

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Thanks for bringing this up, @ygerlovin :smiley:
We already reported that we need more information regarding the fingerprints.
About the properties you mention, this sample can help you out:

  - id: "dimmer-generic"
    deviceLabel: "Zigbee Dimmer"
      - 0x0104 # HA or
      - 0xC05E #ZLL
      - 0x0101 # Dimmable light
        - 0x0006 # on/off cluster
        - 0x0008 # level control cluster
        - 0x0019 # outCluster if needed
    deviceProfileName: on-off-level-bulb
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@nayelyz this the same issue that we discussed with @Mariano_Colmenarejo.
Different devices have same fingerprint, but different device’s model id.