Hub v3 solid blue light (self resolved)

This AM the ST app on my phone alerted that my Hub went offline. Now the light is solid blue. Tried unplugging power for 5 minutes (twice), no change.

Anyone else in USA>California having outage with Hub? Main status page says no outage:

Also just tried installing the ST Windows10 App, but it won’t get past the initial “Get Started” button.


which model hub do you have?


Never mind. Just came back online while I was typing here…

things to try:

  • reboot router to see if that resolves it
  • if using WiFi, switch to Ethernet
  • If using Ethernet: swap out Ethernet cable or plug it into a different port or switch to WiFi

if switching works… you should contact support about the other not working

Also California (northern), similar problem, went down approx 7:35AM, now mostly back but spotty and slow. Issues also with Alexa devices, and other non-ST IOT devices. Maybe another AWS glitch?

Not AWS this time, no problems have been reported by them today, either on their own dashboard or on the third-party monitoring services. :thinking:

If you’re still having problems with non-smartthings devices, I would check with your Internet provider.