Hub V3 Died?

I recently purchased SmartHub V3 and within 2 weeks it has stopped working. Doesn’t even power up.
Any suggestions?

Contact support

I sent an email this AM, problem is today I am departing the location where it needs to be which means to replace it I’ll be flying 3,500 miles each way. What a waste of time and $$$.

If it’s time-sensitive call support, don’t wait for a response to an email…

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You can always return it to the store you bought it and get a new one. That is what I would do given your circumstances.

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So no sign of life at all? If you have a multimeter, check the output from the power supply. If you get nothing, you might be able to find a 5V wall wart sitting around somewhere.

I looked for one but nothing was available nearby…looks like I’ll be back soon.