Looks like a Hub Update for V2 is on it's way

Just received this email.


Between 10:00 am CST (2/29) / 4:00 pm UTC (2/29) / 1:00 am KST (3/1) and 1:00 pm CST (2/29) / 7:00 pm UTC (2/29) / 4:00 am KST (3/1), we will be automatically updating your Hub to the latest firmware. The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your Hub will temporarily go offline. The firmware update includes video enhancements, new security options, and bug fixes. This update only affects Samsung SmartThings Hubs (Hub v2).

Thank you,

I just got that mail too. Ironically, the thread right above this one when I clicked through was titled “Finally happy with SmartThings” :smile: I hope to still be happy with it after the firmware update comes through!

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Yup, same here. The Between dates portion couldn’t be more confusing lol. Just leave it at UTC and make everyone convert it to their own timezone sheesh. I’m PST, so this means 8AM - 11AM on 2/29

For those of us that like to write our own custom code (I’m still a noob), it would be nice to know the nitty gritty.

And they really need to start including firmware versions in these emails.

I’ve never been a fan of “bug fixes” when it comes to release notes, I’d like to know what’s actually getting fixed.

I really wish they would give us more details in these emails. I can deal with the confusing time windows, but they really need to tell us what the details of the updates are. Saying “bug fixes” is so lazy it’s actually disrespectful to the customer. At least give us a link to the release notes…


Maybe they roll the updates regionally as opposed to globally? Less server stress and problems more easily caught…sometimes…

I agree totally but sometimes the bugs are “housekeeping” fixing invisible and maybe unexplainable to end users, even the sophisticated users…of which I am not.

I would prefer that I can initiate the update like on my hue - I hate it when things being pushed and then potentially cause issues - I’d like to see some public beta - GA with some feedback before I decide to adopt things …

Release notes are indeed necessary …

Those times they list, are all the same time, they’re just changed based on time zone.

10AM - 1PM CST

Are all the exact same time…I was just simply saying. Just tell us 4PM to 7PM UTC (universal time) and we can adjust it for our own time zones.

And yeah a manual push would be nice. Technically, the Hub have the option to set a maintenance window…but I don’t think they are using it at this time.

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Hey guys,

We are producing a community announcement as we speak. I will post that when it’s ready. :slightly_smiling:


Just got the email.

Can anyone confirm if the UK are included?

Given the UK times listed I’m going to hazard a guess and say… maybe.

That being said, it’s for V2 hubs only everyone.

This will totally fix the Windows Phone problems! I just know it!

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I hope my hub gets the update this time… Mine hasn’t updated since July 2015… ugh…

Got the email too and I am in the UK, so I presume yes

This update is for v2.0 of the hub. July sounds like you have v1.0.

I can only hope and they will not make it worse. It is practically not useable for a month now.

While that’s not a detailed change log it does give you an idea of what’s included in the update.

Sorry but I don’t understand why you’ve quoted my own email which I’ve obviously read . I’m looking for more information like we normally receive in the forum.

Sorry, I thought perhaps you missed that piece of information that explains (in general) what’s included in the update.

Not to worry. I’m just very surprised how little information is being cascaded. Just saying bug fixes and security options doesn’t really cut it to be honest without at least a link to some release notes.
Are security options related to addressing the recently publicised device addition flaw?
Would also be nice which bugs are being fixed too rather than the whole community second guessing. :unamused: