Firmware update 14.22

I got a message earlier that there was a firmware update to the hub (v14.22). I’m UK based.

I can’t see any reference to what this is in the forums anywhere.

Anyone know what the update contains?

At 5.05 AM I too got the ‘apologies for short notice but we’re going to update your hub’ and the hub looks like it updated 25 minutes later at 5.30AM. The email gave no details of what version number it was pushing though so I’ve got the 000.014.00022 from the web portal. Can’t find any info on what it contains.

What’s worrying to me though is that ST are force updating my home control system remotely - and with only 25 minutes warning at 5 AM in the morning. Now I’m delighted they’re fixing things but surely we should have some control over when this is applied to ensure nothing untoward happens when away - or asleep. I can’t even see an update notification in the app.

ST even added a warning - “this update may cause any Presence sensors you have to send a departure and arrival event.” - well if you’re using any form of automation around security e.g. sending notifications whilst enjoying a weekend away then at 5 AM in the morning with no notice, receiving such a notification would be very disconcerting. As far as I can tell you can’t see the update warning or event in the activity log either !

Having ST perform these updates without ‘permission’ and with almost zero notice when it can cause erroneous state change events in my home control system is a real concern. Surely an app message to ‘please update your system now’ is way preferable.


I agree Kevin,

It’s very worrying, particularly as you say with the presence sensors. It would appear that the developers haven’t really thought through the possibilities with this no-notice forced update. It’s quite unusual to find a forced update in a product such as this I think.


It’s unusual for security systems in general, but it is the way SmartThings typically does updates. We have occasionally gotten a few days advance notice, but even then no way to postpone or reschedule.

And since such changes have occasionally required a physical reset of either the hub or some individual devices afterwards, it can be even trickier for someone who, say, has the hub running at another location than their primary residence, or who is themselves away on vacation. Or who, like me, is physically unable to do the resets and has to schedule someone else to do so.

But while the issue has been raised multiple times in the past, the company philosophy appears to be that it’s more important to get the updates out then to address the scheduling needs of individual customers. So it goes.

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Just got the email here in the US as well.

Where are the release notes, etc?

BTW the email here in the US same an update, but does not specify 14.22

Hub currently still shows 14.13

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Yup got email here just now.

What did you expect? We’re all treated like unpaid beta-testers here by SmartThings. :frowning:


US version: Apologies for the short notice, but SmartThings will be updating your Hub to increase the stability of your experience. This should not cause any noticeable downtime. However, this update may cause any Arrival sensors you have to send a departure and arrival event. Please check any actions you have tied to an Arrival sensor to ensure everything is behaving as expected in your home. If you have any questions, please contact

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I am not sure why there is not a standard process that is followed for all such updates.

For example, on the 14.13 update, there was an post in the announcements area with some basic release notes. Here, we have no such information - heck the version isn’t even specified in the US email.

Why such disparity? Seems like there is no discipline.

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HUB showing new version now… so what bug was introduced ?


Mine just updated. Now waiting to see what happens.

Happy Saturday. You’ve got updated! If you were away, we just wanted to let you know that you may need to call your neighbor to close the garage door.


Am I correct to assume 000.014.00022 is the latest? I got the email at 1116 (GMT-5) and I’m at 000.014.00022 as of 1155.

Who knows? Only ST can say, but they clearly don’t know how to effectively communicate.

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An hour ago I was still on 14.19…Now I jumped to 14.22

I just checked my hub logs. I got the email around 11:15 AM, and the hub received the following command at 11:35:
hub updater action: notify, status: SUCCESS, target: 00000000, version: 00000026, hardwareInfo: 0006

Based on this, I would say anyone on 14.22 is on the latest version.

I can say one thing about the update… It fixed my mode issue I was having last night. Modes stopped working on me.

After the reboot, I got my “Home Mode Active” message over the Sonos.

Let’s hope they didn’t break 2 things to fix one!


I didn’t realize I had the mode issue until later, but things seem to be ‘situation normal’ as of right now. Let’s just hope we don’t continue past SN and to AFU.

If only there was still an “Update Hub” button in the Android app so that I could force it to update now while I’m home instead of having to wait until some indefinite time that I might be out…

Edit: Ha, in the 30 seconds it took me to post that, I ended up getting updated.

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Whatever it is that’s in this update, I hope it fixes a lot of the issues we’ve been having! They really are deploying this one fast and furious; however, I hope the testing was slightly less furious and more methodical. :smile: