Letting Users Postpone Updates

If SmartThings is serious about wanting to be a true home automation system that people rely on, I think the philosophy has to be changed on how updates happen. It can’t just be “we’re going to push updates out to people as quickly as possible.” People need to have the option to postpone an update until a convenient time for them.

A recent example: My hub went out for 20 minutes at 7:15 in the morning for a firmware update. I’m sure it was an important update, but I’m a quad. My getting up routine is pretty complicated. Forcing me to use Plan B for 20 minutes in the middle of that routine throws off a lot of stuff. But the same thing could be true for a parent trying to get kids ready for the bus on the first week of school.

Sometimes predictable imperfection is better than an unknown change.

I welcome all improvements and appreciate the effort that it takes to make them available quickly. But I still want to schedule when change happens, even good change. And if I’m going to rely on SmartThings to be my plan A for Home automation and control, then that “want” is escalated to a “need.”

Just an observation…


I noticed recently that if you edit your hub in the IDE there’s a field for a maintenance window. No idea if it’s actually adhered to, but it could be worth a try.