Hub v2 Firmware update 18.22 rolling out right now

Investigating - Starting today, August 30 at 1 pm EDT, we will be automatically updating your SmartThings Hub v2 to the latest firmware (version 18.22). The release will continue throughout the day. To check your firmware version see:

We apologize that we were unable to provide advance notification of this update as we strive to alert you to updates before applying them. However, due to a critical concern regarding your Hub’s connectivity, we need to apply the update without advance notification. Your Hub will briefly experience downtime of less than one minute as it reboots and applies the update.

This update addresses a bug which can cause Hubs to go offline for an extended period of time.

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I got this too…

Yep. Me too.
Just checked and it has been completed.
No issues here.

Got it here. I now have a new status for some devices in the IDE:


I had it on about 10 devices right after the hub updated. It’s down to two now. One of those devices (a lock) does show offline in the app, the other does not. And my unplugged zWave outlet is showing ONLINE again, lol.

I have another lock that did show HUB_OFFLINE but is now ONLINE however it’s not responding.

A more official, technical view…

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So far firmware update went fine, no devices lost in the shuffle. So in the last two days I have updated my network to be more robust. I have FIOS, so I am stuck with their router, but I have a Apple Airport Extreme connected in Bridge Mode to the FIOS router, and another new Airport to extend the network. So both Airports are same new version. I then added two range extenders one in the garage and one opposite it on the other end of the house. Now this forms a square with the two Airports on one side and the two extenders on the opposite side. The Airports handle all the home automation, but sometimes the extenders pickup. I have checked my signal and my house is saturated. Maybe now my WiFi devices will stay online.

Is there a way to force a firmware update without a hard reset?

The update rolls out in batches, so I would wait. If not reset the hub from the IDE or request support to push it for you. Either way the hub is reset, and offline until upgrade is finished.

A manual hub reboot cleared-up my issues.

I had 3.
2 motion sensors and a bathroom fan Fibaro Switch.
Walked past motion sensors and I could see motion in the ST app.
Upped the humidity in my bathroom by breathing on my humidity sensor and Fib switch turned on. (I have been eating garlic though)!!!

My Hub’s Still Showing 18.21 right now… anyone know if this version will upgrade as well? or was it just for those on 18.18?

I was 18.21. Now 18.22.
So I suppose it’s a yes, to answer your question.

Check version on IDE as sometimes phone version is late to update.

That’s where I did check :slight_smile: But now that I posted this, my hub LITERALLY just went offline, maybe some sort of upgrade Gnome is watching this thread!


Firmware Version 000.018.00022
Uptime 36 seconds

I had a couple of weird issues with last update. Even Smart Lighting was slowed at times. Hopefully this fixes things.

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Dang…Just got 3 Motion Alerts (Front Door Ring Pro) in a row. I hope that the double and triple SmartThings Notifications don’t start again…

Can I ass-u-me that this is why I get the beloved " something unexpected has happened" on every page on app and can’t change anything ?

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There is an outage right now, that is probably your issue.

I got my update today. My Google Home now cannot control any of my GE/Jasco switches. It just says “I don’t know how to help with that”.

Had to delete the Google app from SmartThings, delete the SmartThings account from Google Home home control, then start over. All working now.

The worst part is re-nicknaming everything in Google Home. This is the type of thing where a web UI version of the phone app would be nice to type in all of that info. Not interested in webcore, bluestacks, or action tiles,