Hub V2 lost control of light bulb

I have a V2 hub and Cree connected light bulbs as part of my setup. Yesterday, I noticed that something was “malfunctioning” as one of the bulbs was listed as “on” in the iPhone app and I didn’t have the ability to turn it off successfully… the log was noting that it sent the command but the app was realizing that the state of the bulb was “on”. When I got home, I power cycled the hub (30+min) to force it to re-register as I have heard this is what needs to be done. When it came back up, it was able to control that bulb, but now a different Cree connected bulb is doing the same exact thing. After another couple of reboots, same thing. I don’t know if it has something to do with the update that came out today however this was 1 full day before that update was supposed to be released, so I’m not sure… in any case I have never had problems with these bulbs or the hub for that matter… clearly it’s not the bulbs as the “non-working” bulb is different now the original one. I’m at a loss here. Anyone have any issues like this? I’ve had no issues until yesterday.

I am facing the same issue. Please check the other thread…

I flipped the breaker to reboot the bulbs (although I don’t believe they were actually the issue) and rebooted the hub again. All seems to be working at this point.

Actually I am still having issues but think I know what’s going on. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s an easy fix.
It’s the app that’s acting up. I’ve noticed 2 things since having issues yesterday and have NO clue why any of this started.

  1. The “things” screen for the Cree connected bulbs is now different in the app for some reason. It used to have a horizontal slider bar with % for the dim level and now it has the stupid round half moon with no indication of % for the level. No clue why the app just changed yesterday and ever since then it seems as if one of the bulbs at a time doesn’t work right.
  2. The wall switches which are essentially just buttons that tell ST to turn the bulbs on to 100% or off. They work and activate the bulbs perfectly fine.
    It just seems to be an issue with the app which sucks because if I have to remove the bulbs and re add them I will have to rebuild a ton of programming and routines.
    Anyone else see any of this? Weird part is when ST announced that they would be updating the hub, that’s when I noticed the app changed and the bulbs started acting up. Keep in mind this was one day prior to the hub updating. Almost makes me feel like they updated something early and it broke. Don’t know.

Okay… found out what changed for us (and everyone)… and it’s all fixed and working (for now anyway).
I spent a decent amount of time with support troubleshooting this on chat (which they are very responsive on BTW). First off, the device type definitions which also includes the tiles (I think that’s what support called them… where you click and go into the details for the individual “things”) are controlled/updated centrally and have nothing to do with the mobile apps or actual devices themselves. They periodically update the code for them which is why we suddenly saw the change on our mobile devices.
In terms of what is wrong, I still feel like this is all one hell of a coincidence and won’t be sold on this being the actual problem until a great deal of time passes to prove it. I feel like someone fat-fingered the code for these bulbs which ultimately screwed them up. FYI… PLEASE contact support regarding this… they need to hear it from us directly so they can log the issues to get developments attention to look into this. They won’t do a damn thing if we ignore or throw them away.
Anyway, we power cycled everything as I have been doing, then the one bulb that was acting up, ended up “resetting” it (I had to remove all other bulbs, put just that one into a lamp as it’s easier to control the on/off cycles… and very specifically, every 1.5 second (not 2), go from on to off to on to off… and so on. Before doing this, support had me put the hub in discovery mode on my iPhone, they took control in the back end of the hub, and then I reset the bulb. After 5-6 cycles, the bulb will flicker once indicating it has been reset and is now discoverable. They were able to essentially place the bulb back into the same name as it was before which completely resolved me from having to delete it and re-add it to all of my routines and settings for everything… this saved all of that (by having support do this with me). Then it seemed to act okay for a little then quit again and so did one of my other Cree bulbs.
Then after all of this, I ended up physically moving my hub much closer to all of these devices and walla… everything started working just fine. I don’t know why all of a sudden there seemed to be some sort of interference or distance issue when I have NEVER had one in the past but once I moved the hub, everything now works just fine.
Again, I feel like it’s one hell of a coincidence and don’t believe that this is the core issue… I’m sure someone screwed up the bulb type in ST when they updated the tile or whatever for the “new” and de-contented look. I expressed my dislike for the new look too BTW… not that it did anything but it made me feel a little better anyway.
So I don’t know. Try moving your hub… I feel like something got jacked up with the device type code on their end and it’s somehow causing this… I’ve been screwing with it for a while now and all of the issues what were present are gone after moving it closer… hell, I didn’t even reboot the hub, I moved it (left the batteries in it) and just plugged it back in… it refreshed all of the devices right in front of my eyes on the app and now everything works.
Don’t throw the bulbs out, if you do that, send them to me and I’ll pay for shipping :wink:

Darn! That’s a long post. So genuinely tired and sick (las in sick sick) that I couldn’t even read it… Will process it in the morning… :wink:

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Yeah, I know… sorry about that.