Hub Firmware Release Notes - 17.12/17.13/17.14

In follow up to the Hub Firmware 17.11 post-mortem, we are going to begin rolling out an update version (17.12) to customers currently on version 16.14. Similar to the version 17.11 release, we are going to do this in a staged process - you can reference the details here.

Release notes are as follows:

  • Numerous stability improvements and bugfixes
  • New diagnostics for hub problems
  • Ability to selectively enable automatic updates for some devices
  • New, more reliable update delivery mechanism

Edit added 5/4/2017: These release notes also apply to version 17.13. The differences between 17.12 and 17.13 were only during delivery of the update. The final firmware is the same.

Edit added 5/17/2017: Additional release of 17.14 to address issues with ZigBee during the delivery of the update to new users. The final firmware is the same.


Just to confirm, if you are currently on 17.11 you will NOT receive 17.12?


Correct. The fixes in 17.12 are all related to the migration and update mechanism for going from 16.14 to 17.x. We’ll eventually bring everyone back together on the 17.12 version, but there’s not a strong push to get 17.11 to 17.12 right this second.

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When will this start?

First group starts tomorrow, and then rolling through the week. You will get an email at least 24 hours in advance of your hub being updated.


I have to know… I’ve been on 16.00014 for what seems like a while (at least while 17.11 had been floated around).

Is 16.00014 the most recent notwithstanding 17.11/12 or is my hub not updating?

We put the initial release on hold (17.11) after discovering some issues. 17.12 is the re-start of that release, so you are probably fine.

Ok… just an awful lot of numbers between 16.14 and 17.12

Please Opt-Me-Out of this! Untill the last group and troubleshooting! I don’t want for my wife to K.O. me for ST failure.


I’m in this group. The slightest hint of a failure, or even a delay, and my wife goes full nuclear (maybe she just rolls her eyes).


Are you married to my wife? I know those eye rolls oh so well!


LOL. I get the occasional grunt… then immediate “IT’S NOT WORKIN… Oh, it’s working fine”. The difference between .5 second automation and 1.5 second automation is apparently a century in her eyes :slight_smile:


Yeh. I love ST, but when it Fails Catastrofically, K.O. is the least of my worries. And when it works, there is no feedback…ever. LOL.


All of my Nest devices are off-line in the SmartThings app since the update completed. Everything else seems find.

Rebooted the hub and didn’t help.

Anyone else?

Being involuntary, unpaid beta-testers that we all are, I don’t think we have a choice. :confused:

Where is you sense of adventure everybody. lol. :joy:

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Speaking of, it’s been a while since I’ve been paying attention. So, I was wondering: How much of the functionality has been moved to being local vs via the cloud. I’ve always felt that the more that happens the more reliable things will be.


I have enough adventure in my life already, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Post 1 gives a brief on the updates.
From the point of view of things moving to local, Nada.

This is the last I heard of the Local Proccessijng:

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