Hub Firmware Release Scheduled for 4/21/16 (Hub V2) - 14.38

(Tim Slagle) #1
  • Fixed an edge case scenario where DNS resolution to SmartThings cloud would fail indefinitely until a hard reboot

LAN Improvements

  • Increased SSDP buffer size to support longer search terms
  • Fixed bug where incorrect MAC address would occasionally be sent to the cloud for a LAN connected device
  • Fixed a race condition where several concurrent LAN connections would cause the hub to reboot

ZigBee Improvements

  • Reworked the ZigBee joining process on the hub to improve success rate of joining new devices and prevent devices joining as “Thing”
  • The new joining process will be documented here on Thursday 4/21/16
  • These changes were made to improve the reliability of the device join and identification process. As an example, some devices will actually join the network, leave almost immediately, and then join again. This would sometimes result in devices showing up as a “Thing” because some of the discovery messages were not responded to. With this new method the hub will automatically retry any messages that are not responded to and restart the entire discovery process if a device rejoins while the discovery is still in progress.
  • Key take aways for developers and users
    • When you want to write a device type handler for a new device first join it, then go look at the zbjoin message for all the information you need for the fingerprint.
    • ZigBee devices known by the platform should no longer occasionally join as Things (if they do, please report it to support so we can figure out what’s going on)
    • This only changes the initial device discovery process and does not affect the fingerprinting process or the way the DTH interacts with the device.
    • The first endpoint in the list is used for fingerprinting. Multiple endpoint support is not included in this release.
  • Added ability to view if unsecure join is disabled
  • This is available in Graph in the Hub Utilities page
  • Added ability to view presence timeout for HubV2
  • This is available in Graph in the Hub Utilities page
  • Improved reporting on ZigBee network state changes to the cloud
  • ZigBee devices are removed from the network when deleted from the platform
  • When a device is deleted it will be sent the ZigBee Mgmt_Leave_req. If the device supports this optional command it will leave the network.

AppEngine Improvements

  • Fix bug where duplicate sunset and sunrise events could be generated
  • Fix bug where large numbers of devices selected in SmartApps could lead to execution failure

Weekly Update from Alex - 4/22/16
Brace yourselves: SmartThings Hub Update (May 9)
Anyone used an Arduino and Xbee Pro board to extended Zigbee Mesh Range?
(Tim Slagle) #2

(Bobby) #3

Right on! I just had another one today and spent a good while with support on chat trying to figure it out!!!

(Bob) #4

Thanks for the update.
Can you tell us what the firmware level will be after the update so that I can look to check it has completed OK?
Currently running -
Firmware Version - 000.014.00032
Zigbee Firmware - 2.1.7


Edit. Oops. Just read the title. 14.38.


Excellent release notes. Looks like a good release as well. :sunglasses:


Hopefully all those zigbee fixes will stop my lights from randomly turning on, already have a support ticket opened for it. It does get some parsing errors when it joins so maybe that’s it :slight_smile:

(Bernie H) #7


Between 4:00 pm UTC (4/21) and 7:00 pm UTC (4/21), we will be automatically updating your Hub to the latest firmware. The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your Hub will temporarily go offline.

The firmware update includes a fix to address some Hubs staying offline until a reboot, improvements to ZigBee device pairing, improvements to LAN-based device connectivity, and fixes to address issues with SmartApp execution when using a large number of devices.

Thank you,
SmartThings Support

(Frank) #8

I assume you have version 2

(Bernie H) #9

Yup And here is 20 char

(Bobby) #10

you’re so outdated …it’s 10 char now LOOOL

(Bernie H) #11

Oh dam I missed that, well here is 10. LOL

(Mark Whipp) #12

Thank You for the advanced Release Notes and Update Schedule!!! Much better experience :relaxed:

(Eric V) #13

Any chance this fixes Routine names showing up in the logs multiple times when they trigger? Help!

(Someday my dog will be automated) #14

Fingers crossed everything keeps running smoothly!
BTW, we need a fingers crossed emoji. I demand everyone at ST stop doing everything to give me a fingers crossed emoji! LOL

(Ben Edwards) #15

14.38 (or 000.014.00038)

( - Make your home your butler!) #16

@Tyler assuming the Z-Wave lock patches are included in this release?

(Beckwith) #17

When are Hub V1 fixes scheduled?



(John S) #19


Thanks :smile: I look forward to testing this as soon as I get the update!

Suggested Improvement to Reboot "Offline" Hubs that are inaccessible

Boy I hope this fixes my problem.
Every time my ATT uverse router resets itself I have to reboot SmartThings.