Petition: DSC-932L and DCS-934L integration

This is a quick petition to have the DSC-932L and DCS-934L added as supported cameras for Hub v2. Would be nice to have some sub $50 cameras available. Anyone else?


If they’re doing cloud-to-cloud integration anyways I don’t know why they wouldn’t be able to support all cloud-connected D-Link cameras… I have a DCS-942L and a DCS-5020L currently and would love to have them integrated directly into SmartThings

Hey Eric!

I’m checking on those cameras. I think there was a firmware limitation.

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Tyler, we appreciate the information. It still breaks our hearts though. :\

The 932L and 934L do not have an RTSP server on the camera and do not stream h264. For now these will not be supported.

So what your saying is that I have to tell the wife, “Tyler said we should upgrade the cameras.”? :smile:



Is this the same issue for the DCS-942L and the DCS-5020L?

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I think so. Yes on the 942L but I’m not sure on the 5020L. To be safe, here’s the list of compatible cameras once more:

Which cameras are compatible with SmartThings?

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN and D-Link models DCS-2132L, DCS-2310L, DCS-2330L, DCS-5222L, and DCS-5029L are compatible.

Is it possible to add the cameras into ST to just use Live View? My staples Connect allows me to add my 934L’s into the system even though I know I can’t trigger anything with them, it’s still nice to quickly view the live stream in the app

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Looking on Amazon the cheapest camera on the compatible list is in the lower $100 range. I kind of wish there were something in the $50 range that would be compatible. What about the DNR-202L D-Link Video Recorder? If Smartthings could somehow interface with this that would be pretty awesome.

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@evanbeek I am new to ST and just bought the new Hub. I was planning to add these cameras… so if these cameras are not supported by ST Hub, does this mean we cannot integrate them into ST or we can still integrate them for live view but wont be able to trigger any event based recording, snaps etc… I read there are lot of things that are not supported officially but you are still able to use them with ST…

Thanks for clarification

@Meero You technically can integrate them with a custom device type, but all you’ll get is a the ability to capture still images. No live video, no motion triggers, etc. I believe that you can use a secondary motion sensor to trigger a photo burst with them, but haven’t gone down that route.

What I did was put them on zwave outlets. I have them turn on when I leave the house or when I tell the house good night and then off when anyone is home. Then I just used the Dlink appwith push notifications on motion. I get a few false negatives now and then, assuming from major shifts in light (clouds blocking, etc) and I get one alert from the garage when the garage opener light shuts off, but other than that it’s been solid.

People have devicetypes working for different D-Link cameras (I’ve created ones for DCS-942L and DCS-5020L myself) but all they support is taking a still photo, moving the camera (for tilt/pan cameras) and maybe enabling the built in motion-detection (which works on it’s own and emails you photos/video when it trips, doesn’t interact with smartthings at all). The cameras that are officially supported are ones that will allow you to view live video and save video clips when something trips the Smart Home Monitor sensors.

@Meero For reference, the integration in SmartThings looks like below. A “take” button and a carousel of recent images (you can swipe to view the last 10 or so).

Thanks @evanbeek and @blebson this really helped… Appreciate your kind response…

I’ve created a post for my custom devicetype for the DCS-932L. Hopefully it will give you all the functionality you’re looking for.

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