Hub v1 offline alerts

Hello, last week power went out (my 1 year old shut down the UPS). I was in flight and didn’t get the notification of the hub being inactive. My wife (didn’t see the message when it came in) told me that she got called by a neighbor saying the garage door was open but no car was in there (and another neighbor called th cops …). When I looked at the notifications in Smartthings later, I found the hub inactive message and if I remember correctly also the one of my wife leaving the house (probably due to the Geo location being transmitted via LTE). Why would Smartthigs not send notifications knowing the hub is inactive, the last person left the house and the latest status of the garage was open? Am I missing something? I have searched for a while in the forum but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!!!

Once your hub is inactive, how can it alert you to anything?

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I’m not an expert but I assume the notification comes right out of the cloud. That’s why you get a notification that e.g. the hub is inactive.

Do you rely on SmartThings to automatically close your garage door when someone leaves the house? Or are you saying that ST inadvertently opened your garage door?

Do you have a notification defined to tell you when a door is left open for too long? In Smart Home Monitor you can add a custom rule that will do just that. I have mine sent to notify me if a garage door is left open for 25 minutes, or a house door is open for 10 minutes. This works very well using the built in functionality of Smart Home Monitor. (Note: You do NOT have to use SHM for an alarm system for this to work.)

Yes, this is really question #1. ST won’t alert you to anything that you haven’t previously setup to receive a notification for, in SHM or another smartapp.

I rely on SmartThings to close the garage doors (and also lock other doors in the house) when someone leaves the house (triggered by geo location of iPhone). And yes, I do have push notifications defined in case a door is open and nobody is home. This works but only if the hub is active. I’m still wondering if there should be a notification still (or especially then) if the hub is offline because the information needed is in the cloud (hub inactive, nobody home and I would think also the latest status of the garage).

Jens do you have the contacts option setup?

If so many apps including the hub offline messages don’t work with this unsupported feature. Support can help you remove this if it is setup.

I agree that would be nice but the way ST is setup now (and likely will be for the foreseeable future), once the hub is offline unfortunately everything stops working, even if all the info needed is in the cloud like you said. The ST hub’s reliance on its connection to the cloud is a major weak point for home security-type features.

Still a little unclear why your garage door was open. Was ST supposed to close it at some point but didn’t, because the hub went offline? Or some phantom trigger from ST caused the garage door to open?

if your one-year-old turns off the hub then he’d better make sure the garage door is closed

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lol that’s what I told him :wink: However, this scenario could happen without him being involved …

It would be nice to configure at least the hub inactive notification frequency.

Correct, the garage door was opened when the hub was still online, then the hub went offline and when leaving the garage obviously didn’t close.

Thanks for your comment. I just double checked and it’s not setup.

Ok well I do get offline notifications when my parents hub is offline. I don’t for mine since I have contacts setup. You may want to contact support to see if they can help you.