Hub set up code

I have had some major issues from my motion sensor re installed the app on my iphone today ,now the hub is asking for code as a new installation ,when i tried using the orginal code says has been used already which i know .Is there a way round this so i can get all my set up fixed or do i need to call samsung on monday for a new code any help will be most grateful thanks in advance

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I’m afraid you are going to the support to reset the code for you. I have never had to deal with this situation but I can’t imagine any other way.

  1. You can reset HUB
    2.Deteach HUB out of account smartthings
  2. Add the Hub, Device again.:soccer: #devices-integrations:connected-things

Wonderful, thanks for that information. Seems there is a way out for you short of contacting support.

Hi thanks for suggesting that what i am getting is my code has already been used which it has so how can i get the orginal code to be accepted thanks

The only way in this situation is to contact They need to reset the single use code.

Be sure to include a photograph of your Hub’s serial number, and a statement giving SmartThings full permission to access and reset your Account with the associated email address of your login.

Will do that thanks …

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