Hub Randomly Disconnects & Reconnects (1/29/24 West Coast USA)

My V3 hub has been going on and offline randomly all day. Asa result most things are not running correctly. No new changes on my end today. Firmware is 51.00002. No internet issues. Is anyone having related issues?

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I’m having similar problems. Some Devices will go off and on line 3 to 5 times in a day. And a few others stay offline all the time while others are not affected. And a couple of switch routines, turn on but not off, even though the routine is all there. I’ve unplugged power for 30min and plugged back in but nothing changes. We know when this happens all the phones in the house alert us. Been happening for about 2 weeks now.

Mine seems to be back to normal this am, but will keep an eye on it, So much for local control when the hub won’t stay online…