Hub keeps going offline, no support response

My hub goes offline like 2-5 times a day and its quite annoying. its just started doing it in the last month and nothing has changed. I’ve seen 2 emails to support to have them look into it and sent the emails 23 days apart and still haven’t gotten a email response from smart things support. any ideas whats going on with he customer support for smart things

Exact same thing here. What version of hub do you have? Phone support also doesn’t work- they just hang up because they say they’re too busy to talk

I get your point. This is what this night looks like for me…

Does anyone with the v3 hub have these issues? Or is just v1 folks?

I am personally on a v2

I’m on V2 as well.
I finally got through to support and their fix was change ethernet cord…

@egobuster1 - did the cord replacement fix the issue by chance? I’m on a V3 and I get an offline/online cycle every minute. It’s been like this for weeks. Support took 20 days to reply to me, only to suggest rebooting from within the IDE, which didn’t change a thing.

Unfortunately, my device is remote - so doing anything physical requires planning a trip. :frowning:

I am also getting these offline/online since few days. random events.

Every evening my G2 hub is offline for an hour or so. Local execution works but no connection between the app and hub.

3 evenings in a row and of course, I tried powering it off for a while and plugging it back in.

Bit frustrating as most automations occur in the late afternoon and evening…