Hub Offline/Online again

Has anybody else been experiencing their V2 hub dropping offline and coming back online on it’s own after a minute or two? it has been going on now for a couple weeks. some days it does it multiple times in a row, though most times it’s just once or twice per day. I’ve hard rebooted the hub and left it completely unpowered for over an hour (at support’s suggestion) I didn’t change because of this issue, but I did also get a new router a week ago, and the issue is still there on the new router, so it’s not a router issue.

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Same issue here. No idea the culprit. I’m also having problems with my GE light switches not responding reliably. Anyone have ideas on what’s going on?

I heard back from Support… it’s a system issue related to the other major things going on on the back end, hoping it’s resolved soon, after the cloud updates that have happened or will happen in the next few days.

yup they would say that…have you guys got sonos devices?

This solved my problem:

nope. 10char.

Same problem here. Hub goes offline and doesn’t come back. Completely pisses me off.

Sometimes this happens when I lose Internet. When Internet comes back, usually within seconds of the lose, all other devices come back online within a minute or so, hours later still no hub. This makes the system a complete disappointment and useless to me as sometimes I am not home for a couple of weeks. If this happens a day or two after I leave, I end up with nothing working for about two weeks until I get back and reset it. Every other device comes back online, SlingBox, Apple TV, Roku, PCs, Tivo, etc, etc, but no hub. If everything else comes back, why can’t the hub?

Will they every fix this hub? At least get it to do what all other of my home internet devices do apparently effortlessly, come back online!

Your issue seems different than mine. Mine would just go offine and on again minutes later. It never went offline for more than 5 minutes. It’s also stopped doing this after the last platform update last week, also.