V3 Hub down for 9 hours now? (22 Oct 2020)

Woke up this morning and HUB was off line, IDE says inactive on firmware V 000.032.00010. No power surges, no power losses nothing odd it was just not working? Unplugged it, plugged it back in nothing. unplugged it again for 10+ min nothing. re set it put it right back on the exact same WiFi network as it has always has been on, said it was connected=- Still off line WTH is going on? Please can anyone help. TIA.

And…the POS decided to come back on ??? I really have a love/hate thing with these guys. I swear if I was smart enough I would move to HA. No firmware update, nothing at all it just wanted a 9 hour nap or what? Didn’t mention this in the 1st post but even though it said it was inactive half the devices would still work half would not, that is because some are local or controlled by other apps i.e GH I suppose?

im having trouble trying to get a v2 hub to setup connect right now - may be a platform backend problem