V2 Hub on (Permanent) Battery Power

Hi All,

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my V2 hub had switched to battery power even though the power cable was plugged in and providing power (tested via multimeter). Tried swapping out the power cable, nothing.

Knowing it isn’t possible to just buy a new hub and auto-restore settings, I took desperate measures. I cut the adapter cable and fed the +/- to the backup battery terminals. Hub has been working flawlessly until just recently. It powered off by itself once last week and again today. Pulling and reconnecting power fixed the problem both times.

Is it possible the hub is auto-powering down when it thinks it has been on battery for an extended period of time? Any other reason it wouldn’t just keep running as long as the proper voltage/current is supplied via the battery terminals?


sounds like hardware failure of the power conversion in the hub, or the internal monitoring of its power. You worked around it - then the hardware failed differently. You need new hardware.

I don’t think there is any reason that your fake-battery, would not keep working. If the voltage doesn’t sag then the hub does not know any different.

Without a migration path, it is indeed a big problem to change the hub.

No problems in the last week but you are probably right, something is fried and it’s only a matter of time so I need new hardware.

Have they more or less come out and said there will never be a backup/restore option? If so since this will be lots of work I’ll just buy another hub solution that has a backup/restore option, run it in parallel with ST, and slowly migrate. Even if the other hub options are inferior it’s worth the piece of mind in my opinion.


I don’t follow the announcements often , so I haven’t heard if any recent promises of backup - I doubt it.

I think an active plan-B is good for redundancy. If and when one goes down, then it’s easy to migrate the important stuff to the one that still works.

Mostly my plan-B is a long stick, but it’s time to get the other hub out.