Memory limits ! Bug?

Hi try to add a wemo or Sonos device and I have a message , The hub memory’s is full , delete some device …
That what I did , and the message is always there !!!

just curious…

  • which hub?
  • how many devices are installed?
  • and definitely how many Edge Drivers do you have installed if you are using them?
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On snap… I was wondering about that and memory being the root cause of performance issues im having. I know the last firmware update supposedly fixed a memory leak bug but im not sure.

@Sylvain I’m at 270 connected devices, with several more virtual, and my hub is v2 version. Im curious what ST support will find out.

Tagging @nayelyz

Device is around 140.
Hub v2
Driver 44

Ok then something else may be up. I just added a new connected device yesterday and it went fine. Try discovery using scan nearby and not by device or manufacturer/brand.

I just bought a tuya zigbee 4 button ts004f , a know working button , I already have one from the same seller and it working very good .
Try to add the button , pairing process is working and the button act like if SmartThings found it but it never show up in the app !
Don’t know if it could be related .
I can add already pair device that as loose connection.

Do you have a room at the bottom of your list called unknown, or unassigned (I can’t remember which one it is)?

No Room Assigned ?

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Yes and button is not there

Just as a data point, I’m at 339 devices, 200 routines/scenes and no memory issues noticed. V2 hub.


I was digging how could I add my device and check Wich firmware my hub is , I’m on 44.09 , so I went back scan my tuya button ts004f and now SmartThings finds them, also other tuya temp sensor but I always have that message of memory full when adding by brand wemo or sonos

Thanks for the tag, @johnconstantelo

But, this is the Customer Support team’s area. They should be able to analyze the Hub situation further to understand what’s going on.

So, @Sylvain, please contact them and explain your situation as detailed as possible:

Through the SmartThings Web page

  1. Enter this page
  2. Click on “Support” in the upper-right corner
  3. Check if the URL includes your region. For example, en-us here:
  4. At the bottom, select “email” and describe your issue as detailed as possible.
  5. Click on “submit”

From the ST app

  1. Open the SmartThings app
  2. Go to the menu tab at the bottom-right corner.
  3. On this page, select the option “contact us” and then go to “Report a problem”
  4. Accept the generation of logs, fill up the form describing your issue as detailed as possible, and screen captures of the issue always help.
  5. Click on “submit”. The Customer team will receive this info.

Via email

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

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I have found that bug while trying to link 4 tuya device , since the last hub update 44.09, I can link them now .
The other problem have to be fix by smartthigs , I have done what I was looking for .
Thank you

I’m also having this problem. Memory full with 102 devices and 40 drivers.


Also my hub keeps finding devices that doesn’t have any drivers anymore. I deleted 8 obsolete drivers and 10 devices. Rebooted and power cycled the hub. No change.