Hub offline, with green LED, support is stumped

I just bought my first ST hub. Connected to WiFi, it’s got a green solid LED. But it always shows offline in the app.

I called support, they seem confused. Apparently it’s online in one system, but offline in another. They escalated the ticket, and someone is supposed to call me back.

Looking through old posts, this doesn’t seem like I’m the first with this issue. Is there a fix?

Ping @Brad_ST



Hi @normelton, are you using the new SmartThings app (icon looks kind of like a snowflake) or the SmartThings Classic app (icon is a blue circle)? Can you also let me know if you have a ticket number so I can lookup your support request?

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Thanks for the quick reply! It’s the new snowflake icon app.

Ticket is SConnect 19072600614

Just discovered in the IDE that I can go to Locations - Kitchen and find my is listed as ACTIVE and sent a ping less than a minute ago.

But under Hubs, nothing is listed. Looks like I can delete the hub from within the IDE and try to re-add it somehow?


Not sure if you did anything, but deleting it from within the IDE and re-adding it seemed to work. The hub is online now.




Glad to hear it is up and running for you now! I hadn’t gotten a change to do anything yet, but I believe something was out of sync, which is why the app showed it as offline but the IDE listed it as active. Removing and re-adding it likely caused it to get back in sync.