Hub offline? Service outage and a tech support rant

Please share when you find a solution…This is super strange!

Indeed. Here is a video of the problem in action. Takes only seconds for Hue to knock the ST hub offline.

Wow. That is somethimg. Did you try moving them away from each other. Or is this some kind of LAN conflict?

They only conflict when both plugged into the same switch. I believe that factors out wireless interference. I may put my packet sniffer inline and see if I can catch any odd exchanges between the two devices.

Just another typical ST firmware update cock-up.

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Thanks @Geko

At least I know that it isn’t limited to my hub.

On the sniffer, looks like a fairly typical http query from ST to the Hue API. While the Hue is responding with an arguably ridiculous number of bulbs that I’ve purchased (50), ST has trouble keeping up with the incoming data… fails to acknowledge a TCP segment, sends a FIN packet (aka stop talking to me) to Hue and goes offline.

According to the other thread, users with large numbers of Hue bulbs or other network devices seem to be more susceptible to this issue.


How many devices you have on your Hue? They say it maxes at 50. I wonder what happens if you split it?

Anyone had lights cree and minimotes stop responding for a bit tonight? Mine did not turn off or the hub v2 did not relay the on/off command to the balb.
Location North East USA.

I’m at 50 bulbs today. Absolute limit on one hue bridge is 63. Since this appears to be a ST hub issue, I’m not sure if giving it yet another bridge to poll is a good idea. Might be worth trying if I grow tired of waiting for a patch. Looking at the other thread, it appears the ST have known about the issue for at least 13 days now. Hopefully a patch will be applied soon. Another poster suggested removing the Hue bridge for at least 4 hours and reconnecting. I’m doing so now and will try again tomorrow.

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Good luck and keep us posted

My hub will not respond to mode change requests as of tonight. Green light on and other operations / controls seem to be working.

If you are still having this problem, contract support.

Yes, @lmosenko – many people. :disappointed:

See this thread, for example.

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Mines down as well since yesterday … UK Located…contacted support, waiting for answer

I called support and they quickly determined that the custom app I was using was dead. I switched to the default smartthings app and seem to be back up. It is a shame as the custom had everything i wanted including multi sms, and door lock controls all tied to status changes.

With respect to the original issue posted here, ST Hub Offline while conflicting with Hue Bridge:

Well… Last word from ST support was hang in there, we’re working on a solution. Not sure if a fix was applied to my hub, or if leaving the Hue bridge un-plugged overnight did the trick. Either way, they seem to be working together this morning. This went from strange to downright bizarre. Only thing I can figure is that we needed the Hue bridge off in order to allow the ST Hub to connect, go online and get it’s hotfix. Perhaps ST will close the loop and share the story. But for now I’m back up and running.


I apparently spoke too soon. After a brief period of full functionality… I awoke to an offline SmartThings Hub this morning and sent a follow-up e-mail to ST support. :confused:

Same behavior as previously stated. Unplug Hue Bridge… wait… reboot ST Hub… wait. ST Hub online… confirmed. Plug in Hue Bridge… ST down.

In all honesty, I think this will continue occurring until we can get the firmware update fully tested and released. I know this is a huge headache, and I’ll try to get an update on the timeline


Same thing happening here. Hue/ST v2 hub combination leading to ST being offline. Following. Please expedite the firmware update!