Hub Offline Online Offline (August 10, 2020)

It worked! Thank you!

Woohoo! I’m glad we’re getting this resolved for everyone - slowly but surely!

Michael Boguslavskiy

Sensors are now in Celsius not Fahrenheit. I had the hub offline problem and it was resolved by rebooting the IDE. Since then my sensors keep going to Celsius. Anyone else having this problem, wondering if they are related.

You should be able to manually change them back to F on your app. Click on the sensor, then click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the Temperature widget.

Yep, I tried that. Changed them all to F. When I go back in they are back to C. I have discovered that this is only on my iPad. On my Android phone it works fine. On the iPad the temp reading is in C yet over in the history the readings are in F. Very strange.

I’m in the UK and my system has just gone offline.

No notification that it’s offline but nothing the the app shows as online.

My hub has gone offline again and again and the app says it is offline, even though plume can contact it, and it does still broadcast WiFi. The other two extenders/hubs does not connect to the mesh though.

I am in Denmark btw.

No Access to my hub
Just went OFFLINE
On my app

Checked for status and shows operational

See the thread for today…

I’m going through similar situation since upgrading to the new ST app, except my devices are online, even thought the app says the hub is offline. The hub’s status light is green and I can control most devices. I have the original, first gen Kickstarter hub, which I suspect is the problem. The new app is probably not reading its internal status correctly.

The bigger issue for me are my WeMo devices (which I see a few others have also mentioned here). WeMo recently updated their app with authenticated security, which means ST can’t access our WeMo’s until there’s a way to authenticate WeMo access from within the ST app. Be sure to let ST support know we need an app update pronto.

Denmark here… 3 day in a row, going offline/online very frustrating :O(

Only the app showing the hub offline? Have you logged not IDE to see what the status of the hub shows? Try powering off the hub for several minutes (remove batteries if your hub has them).

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Hi thanks for taking time to respond :O)
All my device’s says offline on IDE, only Echo’s is online

Copy from IDE

Firmware Version 000.031.00004
Hardware Version Hub v3 EU

Color of led light on the hub?

the led light is green

Try powering it off for about 5 minutes. Remove batteries if your hub has them. Reboot your router.

:O) Been there done that several times, had it power off all knight, but still the same, Router , Modem, Hub etc. :confused:… was wondering what happend with the above thread… did there ever come a solution

Your issue appears related to the firmware upgrade that is currently in progress or perhaps to some backend change that was made in the cloud. Others are experiencing the same issue as you…

Do open a support ticket with ST support.

THX for your time :O) I will do that Regards Jim