Smartthings random "Offline" notification in phone app


I’m new to Smartthings hub (only about a week) and I’m randomly getting “Smartthings Offline” notification on my phone. It started happening yesterday at around 10am EST. Ever since yesterday, I got these notifications about 10-20 times already.

The thing is – the device is actually NOT offline. All my smart devices still work. I go to the app itself and everything looks good – everything is online in the app.

I almost certain that it is not my network since I have this hub connected to my Meraki switch and have been monitoring and there are no disconnects happening (at least internally). I also connected the hub directly to my Edgerouter just for troubleshooting and there has been no downtime. Constant internal ping to the hub had been super stable. While these notifications keeps popping up – I made sure that my internet was rock solid.

I’m still trying to find a way to get the external IP since that might be only point of failure I could think of.

Is this normal behavior? I already tried rebooting the hub (removing the battery) and it just kept on happening.

Read this.

Got 4 notifications at 2:50am in a row freaked me out thinking my water leak sensor went off. Just got another message this time 2:50pm saying offline. No this is not normal behavior

Ok, so its not just me then. Wonder whats going on? As @joelw135 mentioned, there are no logs about in mine too.

I’m seeing the same thing - they come in bursts of 5-10 at a time. I’m also starting to see some of my GE Z-Wave devices become unresponsive to zwave commands coming from the hub (my 12xxx series devices, not my 14xxx series Plus devices) Something’s up - but what?

Yes I’ve opened a ticket with Smartthings Support: #513010 Would advise you to do as well.

I had 8 offline notifications from 3am up to now (EST). Opening a ticket! Thanks

I got just one this time 2:48am this morning. Very strange

Yep, I’m getting these offline notifications too. Worse… Sonisbmy wife (so it’s not a one phone thing).

About once or twice a day for the last week…

For the time being I turned off the notification sounds/vibrate and have all notifications being sent via text message

Just got first contact from ST support. "you appear to have a lot of custom code I your account for that we can only provide limited support. Then canned response about airgaps and power cycling my GE devices after resetting them to the default DTH.

@Brad_ST is there anyway to get the engineering teams to look at this? There’s obviously something hinky here that has been going on since late last week…

Also adding Jody.

@jody.albritton something strange in the neighborhood and yes those of us on the thread have opened tickets… My ticket ID is in the thread above.

Are you saying your Hub is going offline or devices are being marked as offline? I don’t see recent disconnects from your Hub.

For me I get a notification from my phone or tablet. It says Smart things “Offline” BUT when I go into the app everything is fine everything is online and no history of this “offline” in notifications. I will turn notifications back on and do a screenshot if it appears again

Screenshots folks, screenshots!

You can verbalize an issue all day long, but visual proof of what you are seeing and what is transpiring is that much better to show them.

I was already chatting with support and I gave them a bunch of screenshots but for those who are interested here you go:

Again, there is no history log on my app regarding these offline messages.

I primarily meant it is very helpful for the community and since there are ST Staff members who have chimed in here, being able to show them all visual indicators will help them understand exactly what is happening on top of the other 50,000 ST issues they are dealing with :slight_smile:

The next time you receive one of these notifications, open the app up real fast and see if you also have the Hub is Offline message at the top of the Dashboard what normally happens when the Hub actually does go offline (being rebooted or during an outage).

FYI: I just received this email. :joy:

Your Support ticket made it to the top of the food chain.

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@Warpgatex your screen shot is exactly how mine looked

I’ve not noticed these messages but Device Health seems particularly bad for me today - things reporting as unavailable but they are otherwise functioning okay. Wonder if the issues are related although I know DH is just flaky period.

Well, when you fire a howitzer at the support desk things happen.

(BTW, I used to be a Technical Account Manager for enterprise sector at a global software company… I may know a thing or two about ticket escalation)


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Investigating - We are investigating issues with users receiving push notifications such as “Offline” and “Battery Low”.
Feb 27, 16:10 EST