Hub keeps going offline

Hi there. since Friday last week the hub keeps going offline and coming back. Other equipment on the same router is staying on line. Il put a new cable in later on, though nothing appears damaged. For now I unplugged it :frowning:

Anyone else having similar issues?

@pascal I reached out to support and they are sending me a new hub. Had the same issue.

Thanks, I should have reached out to them initially.

At least yours comes back online. Mine drops and reconnects a few times and then finally just gives up the ghost and stays offline.

Only by yanking the power cord and a battery out does it come back online.

A proper reset (using recessed button) took care of it for me.

If you are having issues ask support, they were super quick getting back to me :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. I will try the reset button. Thanks gang!