Hub going Offline and back Online repeatedly

Beginning at 6:19 AM CDT today, my Hub has gone Offline then a minute or two later back Online.

I am up to 7 “sets” of this occurring today.

Anyone else having this issue today?

I’ll send a report to Support, but cannot really troubleshoot while at work…

I started having a lot of these issues on my V2. When I changed the batteries everything returned back to normal. Hope that helps.

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Thanks, I’ll replace the batteries to see if that helps.

Replaced the batteries, but it is still dropping offline then coming back a couple of minutes later.

Or… leave the batteries out. What is really going to run when you have a power outage? Not your router or lights. I also like the fact that the ST hub will reboot along with the rest of the devices when power is restored. Regardless, in a power outage you get a push message that your hub is not communicating.

not a bad idea. I’ll try it for a while with the batteries out.

You probably know this but, the standard fix for most issues is to take out the batteries and disconnect the power line for 10 minutes. Then replace, forcing a full reboot.

support is telling me there is an issue with D-Link 5222L custom DTH, so I’ll work on that for now.

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Got home from work and while installing my new Amazon Fire Stick (wifi only) determined my router was intermittently losing connection.

Rebooted modem and router, all back to normal now.

Never had a router lose and restore connection like that before. Previously, it would just lose the connection and be done until rebooted. Weird.

Thanks for help Mark & Mark

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I have been using the DCS-5222L DTH for months now (I’m the author)… I have never had offline/online cycles happen on my system.

@slagle: Is this truly an issue that is believed to be attributed to my DTH?

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It’d be the first I heard of an issue with your DTH, I’ll ask around if there truly is a correlation.

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Is it just me, or does support like to blame community device handlers/smartapps for user issues that turn out to have nothing to do with the actual problem?

That would never happen.

I do not work in the support department of a software company.

I never lie.

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I had a linksys router that kept doing that to me also. I also had problems with my internet provider hardware due to moisture out in the box. Mice seem to like to eat the cables also from time to time.