Hub going offline and staying

(Seth) #1

So I have heard of the issue of the hub going off and back online however mine is going offline and staying offline.

I have a green light on the hub and IDE can ping the hub just fine.

This morning I pulled the power and it cycled and then worked fine for a few hours then went off again.

This time it will not come back online even though the IDE pings it fine.

Not sure what to do here.

(Faisal) #2

I am having same issue


My gear won’t respond right now.

(Seth) #4

So I just noticed they posted about this issue today but say they made a fix…but it apparently doesn’t work for mine.


I was on a different WiFi when I said mine didn’t work.

Got back on that network and it worked again.

Both had internet access at the time.

Haven’t switched back yet.

Is this system as unstable as I think?


Now my stuff works on both networks. No changes on my end.