Hub offline on and off?

We are new to the device. We just purchase a device. It seems as if the device goes off line for a while then randomly comes back online. I’ve checked internet signal an it is fine. Any reasoning as why I am having this issue an how it can be resolved? We aren’t able to change codes when the hub is off line which is a major problem.
Pamela Corbitt

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the “SmartThings” hub and or the service, (pick your poison) isn’t a stable and reliable product. I know, I know, you’ve heard alllllll about how SmartThings was the way to go as it pertains to functionality and integration of other 3rd party devices (mostly true). But what good is all of that, if the product is inherently unstable. I’m a new user as well, I’ve been on since late December and this platform has gone down at least 10-15 times and it’s only the 2nd week of February. I’ve been told by long time users that this is an “anomaly” and that prior to late 2017 the platform was stable and the outages are due to upgrades and such… Well I’m still waiting for some stability :weary: This screenshot is just from the last 3 days