Hub offline notiification ... no smartapp to click done on to fix schedule

(Larry) #1

A holdover from the recent schedule debacle my hub offline notifications are still hosed. Anyone know how to fix these there is no smart app you can go into and reset…


Time based events failing?
(Brian) #2

I’m confused, what is it doing?

Without an answer yet to that question, some guesses anyways.

  1. First, send a ticket. Worst case you get an answer in a week, best case you close it in ten minutes because something worked.
  2. It looks like it’s storing the last message, but otherwise it’s fine. Or am I missing something?
  3. If you force it offline, then back online what happens?
  4. If you reboot it for 15 minutes with the batteries out, reconnect, and refresh pages, what happens?

I’m out after that…

(Larry) #3

what do you mean what is it doing… look at the time and date for the next run time in the scheduled job… It is still in the past and that what basically was the whole secheduling jobs failing last week. they were scheduled in the past… you could delete the routine or touch the smartapp to fix them. But since this is built in … no way to fix it.

(Brian) #4

Ahh, but does it really matter if that message never runs? I know it’s annoying but is it actually affecting anything?

I have a feeling a ticket is the only way to clear this if pulling it offine or rebooting doesn’t work (both of which I think may work).

(Larry) #5

it is remote I cant really do that and I assume that if it really ever goes offline it will not be reported… so ya it is affecting stuff. The job needs to run periodically to sense that the hub is offline.

(Geko) #6

Yeah, on the larger scale of things it doesn’t really matter if SmartThings exist at all. :smile:

(Larry) #7

Any solution for this. My hub still shows nect runtime in the past

(Mike Maxwell) #8

try this…

(Larry) #9

Ya I went to old app and toggled it… still shows past date.


Hi @Mike_Maxwell, the topic above is exactly what I’m looking for, but I get a “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” message when I follow the link. Is it available somewhere else?

Thank you.