Phone reporting SmartThings Hub Offline

I am having a problem that maybe someone else can help with as technical support has just provided a stock answer of check your Internet connection. I have had my SmartThings hub for about 2 months. Starting about 2 weeks ago, my phone keeps telling me that my hub is offline for about 2 minutes at a time. It only does this between 5:45 am and 6:30 am on weekdays. It has done it every weekday for about 2 weeks though. It does not do it on weekends.

I have a network capture that shows the hub talking reliably over the Internet during this time with no problems. Is it possible that this is something to do with Internet connectivity of the phone? Or could it only be an issue with the hub? Should I just reset the device and start over again? This is really frustrating because we use this to monitor stuff and it is waking us up every morning.

It won’t have anything to do with the phone. And since the hub is cabled directly to the router, it’s not likely interference, either, although it could be a device conflict.

It does sound like an Internet connectivity issue.

The first step would typically be to look at your router logs for the affected period. To get help with these, contact your ISP. Start by telling them you’re losing connectivity briefly each day in that time period and then they can try to prove you’re not. :wink: either way, you’ll get useful information.

The notification has nothing to do with your phone Internet connection. Maybe you have a bad hub. Could it be you are having something else using the same port or ip? Possibly you can go into you router and dedicate that ip to the hub? ST is having quite bit of issues lately. I noticed I have the opposite problem. Not having notification when I loose Internet. Hope it will get better soon.

:blush: Well the simple answer is to turn off the hub offline notifications and enjoy your sleep. After it’s not waking you up in the morning i’d check > My Hubs > List Events. It should show you all hub pings and hub disconnects/reconnects. I get about 3 hub disconnects/reconnects a day, but never any longer than for 10 sec and everything just works, so i don’t worry about it.

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I hope you don’t have to do what I did this January and completely removed the hub from my account. I only had one device so I was ok with it.

I know it is not my Internet connection. I have a packet sniff showing that the hub is still communicating fine with the Internet and I have no duplicate IP addresses on my network. As a test I also streamed Netflix while it was occurring and it didn’t change anything.

I will consider that. I just realized I can turn it off only during a certain time. I appreciate the link for the List Events. I just realized that it is occurring at the same time I am slowly turning on a Cree lightbulb. I have turned off the slow wake-up of the Cree bulb to see if that makes a difference. If not, I think I will turn off the push notification during that time window. I’ll follow up with what I find.

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OK, so I can confirm this morning that I had no problems. It appears as though not having the Cree bulb slowly turn on solved the problem. I guess that is a new problem for support to solve. I am happy, though, since I really only was playing with that feature and did not need it.


It seems my hub is still offline since the last update from Smartthings. Can tech support please verify?