Driving me crazy! Any way to turn off push notifications for "hub offline"?

Hi all! Been a while since I posted.

I am having a problem, my hub keeps going off line - can be as often as 3 or 4 times a day some days. Its not a major issue as it tends to come back on within 5 mins so probably my ISP dropping or resetting my IP or whatever.

The big problem is the notifications to my phone. The last 2 weeks its gone off line at least 4 or 5 times at 3-4am. Then it comes back on 5-10 mins later. I get 2 notifications and both are waking me up. I am not the best of sleepers anyway so this is a royal PITA.

Anyone know how to turn this notification off?

Many thanks!

Mine has been doing this recently, think it is smartthings rather than my ISP (UK). Havent found how to switch off so i use a do not disturb feature on iOS meaning i don’t get woken up during the night.

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Yeah that would be my solution also but I am on call with work 24/7 so I need my phone to be on at all times. I am thinking of ways around it though but its very annoying to say the least!

If you have an android then you can set it so that Smartthings isn’t allowed to send a notification. If you’re on iOS then I’m unable to help.

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Possible solution:

On IOS disable all smartthings notifications.
Then set up SMS text for alerts the you do want??

There is an issue where Hub offline notifications don’t work if you have contact book enabled.

Try enabling contact book?

Which is cool but then I would not get any other notifications would I?

Also interesting to note others are having this issue I was under the impression it was my connection dropping out.

Instead of disabling notifications for SmartThings, why not enable “do not disturb” mode – it’s easy to schedule for your sleeping hours so that notifications will appear but not make a sound, vibrate, or even turn on the screen – so they will be there for you in the morning when you wake up.

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Because the notifications are essentially spam. There should be some way to stop them Without losing all notifications

Just reading up on this… I am having the same issue now. I’m not happy with a “disable notifications” answer. If the hub is offline that often, there is a problem. If it’s not, there is a problem with the notifications. Either way, I need a fix.

Still a big problem for me too. Last week was particularly bad, went off and online 2-3 times a night around 2-4am. Really not good. It really needs sorting.

Well I am coming to the end with Smartthings if I cant get this sorted out. Massive shame as I have invested a lot of time and money into the system. I just hope that I can easily port to another type of hub. I have moved my hub to direct connection with my modem now as it was sitting off a switch so will give it another couple of weeks.

I have been checking to see if my web connection is dropping out but it seems fairly stable so now I am looking at the possibility of the switch. After that the only thing it can be is ST servers.

If anyone from ST reads this feel free to contact me!

I’m also on call for work at night. With iOS, you can set do not disturb to allow calls to go through but silence other notifications.

Which is great but I use ST as motion detection around my house there is high crime rate.
There should be an option to disable “hub off line” and “hub online” notifications IMHO.

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I have the same problem…my ISP for my vacation home apparently now resets our internet at 6:00 a.m. every morning, and I do the same with my office router twice a week ! I dont need Smartthings to tell me my hub is offline, or at least not unless it is down for more than fifteen minutes. Hub offline notifications should be able to modified or at least stopped without losing our security and fire notifications.

I agree! I definitely want to have other notifications, but I don’t need to know every time the Hub gets disconnected, unless it’s for an extended period of time.

This was annoying me also so I looked into it and found a solution for android.

One way of addressing this is to filter notifications by text and ignore those that you are not interested in.
Native Android only allows full system and per app notification customisation, it does not allow for per notification within an app.
However one app that allows notification text filtering is Macrodroid.

By installing Macrodroid and creating a Macro trigger for a notification from the Smartthings app with specific text e.g. hub offline and then performing an action such as stop sound or enabling Do Not Disturb and optionally adding time constraints you can customise how your device behaves upon receiving particular notifications.

Rather than creating a blacklist of notifications to ignore which could grow long and would allow notifications through where the text is changed on the Smartthings platform or new alerts are introduced, it is easier to create and manage a whitelist of notifications that are allowed.

I wanted additional flexibility that allowed me to disable all notifications even those whitelisted if I chose (you can disable macros but I wanted to manage it via the native do not disturb). I also still wanted the notifications e.g. informing of app updates etc, just not the sound or vibration at specific times.
Therefore I set the macro Action to create a new Notification and in Android’s Do Not Disturb settings I configured Macrodroid to enabled/priority and all other apps including Smartthings to disabled.

End result is I still receive all Notifications from Smartthings but Android’s Do Not Disturb means no disturbance at night. However Macrodroid filters on notifications from Smart Home Monitor e.g, Front Door Intrusion detected and creates a new Notification which Do Not Disturb allows to trigger at all times (you can choose the sound in the macro).
I no longer receive annoying alerts in the middle of the night saying hub disconnected, app update available, hoover offline etc - I can review the silent notifications received overnight the next morning.

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