Z-Wave devices won't work

A few months ago most of my Z-Wave devices stopped working. After consulting with support they sent me a new hub. With the new hub all the same Z-Wave devices will not pair. In addition two Z-Wave devices that were working before are now not able to pair.

I have the hub within a foot of the devices. I have tried with my home WiFi turned off. I have a weather station I turned that off and tried with no success. I do not have any cordless phones, baby monitors etc.

All my Samsung zigbee devices paired flawlessly. Strange thing is everything worked for 7 months when I first installed the system. Anyone have an idea? I hope I haven’t wasted a lot of money on Z-WAVE

I will start with a basic question - did you try excluding the devices from your new hub before trying to pair them to it? What are the devices?

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Pairing close may help, especially an older device.

But most of that other stuff shouldn’t interfere with z-wave as much.

Leave your wifi on! No use in adding to the stress of figuring this out by disabling your home’s wifi!

Totally agree with @jkp, have the devices been excluded yet before pairing to new hub?

I did exclude all devices from my old hub before trying to pair them with the new hub. I have removed the old hub as a location.
The devices that won’t pair are three GE toggle wall switches, two GE outlets, Everspring water sensor and a DOME siren.

Try excluding from the new hub and see if they pair.

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Thanks, that did the trick. I would not have thought to exclude something that was never on that hub.

Really appreciate the help.


Since the reason you were getting a new hub is that the old hub’s zwave had failed, the exclusion commands from the old hub probably also failed to go through.

Equipment failure is one reason that the Z wave specification allows any Z wave controller to issue the exclusion command. That way if the old controller dies, you can still do the exclusion from the new one even though the devices were never paired to it. :sunglasses: