Alexa does not discover Samsung Smart TV's

I see my TV’s in my Smartthing App but Alexa never discovers the TV’s. I notice that the TV’s don’t show up in my IDE either which I think is where Alexa pulls the device info from. Another way is Alexa only see this devices listed in my IDE but not my TV’s which don’t show in my IDE.

Which app are you using STSC or ST Classic? What TV model are you using?

The new SmartThings app but I have both.

I have a Samsung UN49NU8000
And a Samsung UN43MU63000

They show in the app and I can control them but they don’t show in my IDE

The new smartthings app doesn’t work with the IDE. The ide is for ST Classic. And I would suspect that your TVs don’t show up in ST Classic. Just SmartThings (Samsung Connect).