Contact Sensors Stuck - Smart Home Monitor

Anyone else having issues with their contact sensors / motion sensors all stuck open or closed?

I am aware that there is some glitch right now with the Smartthings Hub that is affecting the Smart Home Monitor from getting stuck armed/disarmed. I also wonder if this is a part of that issue.

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@Christopher_Jackson, it depends on the sensor. I have one Ecolink contact sensor (zwave) that every once and a while get’s stuck on open. Resolution has been to just open/close the door/window, or use a device handler that forces a closed state (I do that). A few others have the same issue with the same brand sensor. I believe this to be a device issue because I have a ton of these, and only 1 has a problem.

Regarding motion sensors, if they’re zigbee sensors (SmartSense, Iris, PEQ), I have experienced that some will randomly get stuck in a “motion” state in the app almost always after the hub has been rebooted/restarted. Resolution is only possible by removing that battery, waiting a couple seconds, and putting it back in. Several people in the Community have experienced the same thing with motion sensors. If you’re having this issue, please email ST support so they know.

Same here, have one contact sensor saying my door is open. However, when I look in the SHM and click on the “Right Now” the door shows as Open, when I click in Things and select the sensor, it shows as closed. Not sure what is going on.

I’ve seen a few of those situations recently as well. There’s a discussion active the last could days about phantom/delayed events.

In my case above, My Ecolink does that repeatedly and I’m convinced the internal reed sensor is too sensitive. Seemed like it always tripped on it’s own during a major temperature change. I’t’s on a window right by my garage door, and when it was colder outside, I could almost guarantee it would trip on it’s own. The zigbee motion sensor issue I believe to be a real issue. Every time I reboot/restart my hub I always find a zigbee device stuck on “motion”, always.