Monoprice Door Door Sensor Trouble

I’ve been noticing that both the Monoprioce door/window sensors I purchased are not being updated correctly in SmartThings. They show as open even when the door is closed. The sensor seems to be operating properly because the LED on the units flash when the door is opened and then again when it closes. In the SmartThings app the sensor’s activity log shows it closed then immediately after it shows it open again. I physically removed the sensors and tried manually triggering them and still got the same result… Even in the IDE. I have the Device Type set to Z-wave Door/Window Sensor for each of the sensors.

Anyone else having this problem?

Hi, I also have this issue - did anyone find a resolution to this ?

When I originally posted this ST had updated their back end and it broke the generic z-wave door sensor device types. Apparently it only affected the Monoprice sensors. They were able to fix the problem. (Thank you Duncan).

I just upgraded to Hub 2 and 2 of my 3 Monoprice sensors stopped working. I contacted support and they told me to install the device types written by another user. They also said these devices were not officially supported. :frowning: I updated the device types but it didn’t work. I’m also going to try to replace the batteries and see if that corrects the problem too. If it doesn’t I’m going to replace the non-functioning ones with different sensors.