Hub LED sequence for forced log?

On my Connect Home hub ET-VW520, when pressing the reset button for 1 second to enable logging, I get a sequence of LED indications.
However, the hub always ends up in an error state with a red blinking LED and I need to power cycle it to get out of it.

If anyone has the intended (a working) sequence, or better, an explanation of the sequence, it would be interesting to compare to see where it goes wrong.

This is my behaviour starting from solid green LED.
Logging is initiated by pressing reset for 1 second

0:00 no LED
0:14 blue 3x blink
0:17 green 1x blink
0:18 red solid
0:22 green solid
0:26 blue solid
0:29 no LED
0:35 green 2x blink
0:41 green 3x blink
0:54 green 4x blink
0:59 red solid
1:15 green solid
1:26 green 4x blink
1:30 red solid
1:40 red/yellow 6x blink
1:44 red solid
1:52 red/yellow 7x blink
1:58 red solid
2:02 red/yellow 8x blink
2:07 red solid
2:22 no LED
3:08 red blink (indefinitely)

I cannot attach a recording in this forum, but I created four GIFs (they are limited to 60s each).
logs1 logs2 logs3 logs4