Hub is totally dead, can I move everything over to a new one?

So my V2 Hub just decided to die out of nowhere.

So I have to go buy a new one, but can I just transfer over all of my current things, smart apps and the entire structure of everything in my home or will I end up next week trying to replicate everything?

And bonus fun fact: If you try and put in Eneloop batteries in the Hub it makes a really weird sound and gets so hot it’s impossible to touch. Really glad I managed to catch that before something caught on fire.

No Migration possible yet. You will have to replicate everything :cry:

I removed the batteries on mine, instead its hooked up to a UPS.

I’ve tried connecting it to several different outlets with no results. I think it’s super dead.

And bummer there’s no migration options.

How many devices do you have?

Any device which switches itself back-and-forth between mains power and battery power, such as the V2 hub, should generally not use rechargeable batteries unless those batteries are built into the device or were specifically recommended by the device manufacturer.

I’ve also found that it’s a good idea to check the batteries every 6 months or so. I took a look at my hub this weekend and found that the batteries leaked all over the place.

Around 30-35 devics or so, and reconnecting them is going to be a hassle, but not impossible. The issue for me is smartapp configurations and the custom handlers for some of the Aeon stuff.