How to transfer devices to a new hub?

I have a V2 hub. It is constantly going off line and doing other goofy stuff. ST has recommended a new hub. Does anyone know if I can easily transfer all of my devices to a new V3 hub?

You should remove your email address from the thread title :slight_smile:


There is nothing easy about it, you basically wipe out your old setup and start over on the new hub. No config transfers all devices will need to be reset.

Hmmmm, how did that get there??? Ugh.

Ugh… What I figured. I’ve been dealing with this flakey hub for quite awhile…

Jkb I recently had to replace my hub as the old one died. It wasn’t too bad. Thought it was going to be worse. I’m pretty happy. The v3 seems to work much much better.

It was really nice to clean rules and automations etc up.

Thanks chowder… I understand V3 has no battery backup. I guess I will need a UPS.

I’m not too concerned with that. Power rarely goes off here and it it does my stuff don’t working anyway lol. But yeah UPS is probably a better solution than the batteries anyway.

I’ve got some automation in my chicken coop that runs on 12volt. I’ve modified a window sensor to alert me of a power outage so I can go and manually open doors etc. Kind of a must have for me. I probably won’t find a V2 anywhere.

I’d just use a UPS then. The V3 has been so much better than my V2. I’d never go back to it.

Im also not using any custom code on it yet and wonder how much that might be helping things.

Samsung needs to offer a way to back up the complete configuration to the cloud. In case of a non recoverable hub failure, migrating to another hub would be very easy compared to adding every thing back in and creating all the automations again.